Company history


1970  Foundation of Spritzgusswerk Kurt Jedermann in Idstein (Taunus)
1994 Foundation of Kunststofftechnik Jedermann GmbH in Hausbay (Hunsrück)

Relocation of Spritzgusswerk Kurt Jedermann to Hausbay and conversion into Jedermann AG

2016 Foundation of the Czech subsidiary ADVELIS s.r.o. in Kačice

Merger of Jedermann AG and Kunststofftechnik Jedermann GmbH into Jedermann GmbH

Sine 1970 we produce all kinds of polymer articles.

We have gathered experience in quite different segments – ranging from highly-specified parts to components for the automotive industry and toys for dolls.

We have also developed and produced one of the first electric warning lights for construction sites.

At the beginning of the 1990s we started a close and mutually beneficial cooperation with PROPLAST Fahrzeugbeleuchtung GmbH which has brought forth many new lamps for commercial vehicles as well as LEDs with light sources.

Since that time we have achieved an enormous depth of production – starting with the first idea up until the finished lamp, almost all construction, development, production, assembly and quality assurance steps are carried out in-house.

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